Blue Marlin Catering
314 East Main Street
Rising Sun, MD 21911
About Blue Marlin Catering

The Rising Sun Banquet Hall measures 104' by 64'. This "Great Hall" has a seating capacity of up to
420 people for a sit-down Luncheon or Dinner and 750 people for a cocktail type party. The Hall can be
divided into two separate facilities called the "Sunrise" and "Sunset" rooms. These rooms are exactly the
same size with the same seating capacity of 180 persons each.

The interior features a somewhat contemporary design. The floors are black and white speckled marble
and white inlays. The walls have gray upper panels with oak lower panels on black background. The
ceiling is multi-level with partial mirror recesses with a large chandelier centrally located on both sides of
the Hall. The lighting is magnificent with art deco wall sconces, ceiling pin spotlights, larger hidden spots
and larger hidden florescence. This allows almost any level of comfortable lighting for your function. The
Hall also has 2 full service built-in bars for easy access by your guests and hidden wait staff areas for
prompt service.

Room Rental
The following charges apply for Room Rental ...
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Sunday and get your hall
rental for free!

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4 hour function
Each Additional Hour
4 hour function
each additional Hour
All day bookings are $1250.00 / Full Hall!
Functions that do not receive a Sit-Down or Buffet meal may be subject to additional charges.
Breakfast and Luncheon rentals subject to change. All prices subject to a
18% Service Charge and
6% Maryland Sales Tax.

For most events, white tablecloths and napkins will be included. (Colored napkins optional -- on

The following tables will be covered with white tablecloths and white or black skirting:

Bridal Party Table
Gift Table
Cake Table
Buffet Table
Hors d'oeuvre Table
DJ Tables

Guest tables are covered with white tablecloths and white overlay.
(Colored overlays optional -- on availability; Special Order Linens - Additional Fees Apply)

For events with a total food bill under $2,000, the following linen fees will apply:
White Napkins
$0.20 Each
Colored Napkins
$0.30 Each (On availability)
White Tablecoths
$5.00 Each
Colored Tablecloths
$7.00 Each (On availability)
White Overlays
$4.00 Each
Colored Overlays
$6.25 Each (On availability)
White Skirting
$8.00 Each
There is no linen charge for parties of 100 or more guests with buffet or sit-down dinner.

All prices subject to a
18% Service Charge and 6% Maryland Sales Tax
Clients must notify the Banquet Coordinator of their final menu, at least one month in advance of the
date of their function. This will ensure that all menu items will be available.

All contract prices are guaranteed with initial deposit for your function. Children between the ages of 2
and 6 will be half price. There is no charge for children 2 and under.

A final guarantee on the head count for a function is due no later than 14 days prior to the function.
Final guarantee cannot be less than original count on signed contract. If count is lower than original
count, client is responsible for full payment. Your final bill will be based on the guaranteed count or
actual number served, whichever is greater. A head count will be taken for all receptions.

There is a minimum of 65 guests for Saturday bookings only.

Service Charge
All contracts are subject to an 18% service charge.

All contracts are subject to a 6% Maryland Sales Tax. State law requires that Sales Tax be charged on
Service Charge. Non profit organizations must provide a valid Sales Tax ID Number.

A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required on all catering contract estimates. This amount will be
credited to your final invoice. If you should cancel your function, for any reason, your deposit will be

Final payment is due, less deposit(s) no later than 14 days prior to function. Payments must be made by
cash, money order, personal check or credit card. There is a $50.00 fee for all returned checks.
Payment is required on the day of your function for any additional expenses.

The customer shall be responsible for any damage to furnishings or the hall itself and lost equipment.